Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support for my purchase?

The only way to get support for product replacements/exchanges is to contact us through Telegram (please do not try to email us).

You can click the Support label at the top of our site to open a direct chat at any time.

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty period is generally around 24 hours from purchase, in this time you should verify the validity of your product and contact us ASAP if any issues arise.

This DOES NOT cover refunds as stated in our terms.

Can we buy any products on the shop from you directly?

All purchases are done through our auto-buy, we do not offer direct deals for any of the listed products.

Do you accept Cash App/Venmo/etc?

Only PayPal and crypto are accepted on the shop.

I bought a gift card but don't know how to check the balance, what do I do?

If you are unable to verify the balance of a card online (usually because the page does not exist or due to a PIN being required to do so) you can try calling the company or worst case scenario ask an employee to verify it for you in-store.

You can also contact us directly to see if we are able to verify the balance for you, not always possible but we will try our best to assist.

Do your gift cards work online?

Some gift cards can work online but for the majority of our products they are intended to be used in-store.

Is there an easy way for me to find products I'm looking for on the site?

There sure is! You can use our search bar to search through both names of products and the tags attached to them, for example searchng "Gift Card" will bring up only gift card products, or searching PIN will bring up only products with a PIN included, etc. We will try to add as many helpful tags as possible to help you differentiate among our selection.

What does it mean when my product gets "automatically verified"?

Products which are marked with the "AutoCheck" tag on them are, as the name suggests, automically checked by our servers.

What this means is when you place an order for a product and the payment has confirmed our server will verify the balance for you and send out an email once it's ready to be delivered. Please note that this email will only come from our custom mail address, it does not come in a Shoppy email.