Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, you can directly contact us here

Live Support

You can contact our support agents on Telegram by clicking the blue "Support" button on the top right corner of our site. Submit your order ID and explain your issue clearly, support will answer your query within 48 hours (if you are a registered user you only need to provide your username instead of an order ID).

Nope, you can feel free to use our guest checkout without creating an account. However we highly suggest you create one anyways as this will give you a much more streamlined experience when using our service, you'll be able to keep track of all your orders on one page, have an easier time contacting support by simply providing your username instead of a specific order ID, and access to future benefits that only registered users will be able to access.

Our support agents are constantly working to get your issues resolved and to provide you with all the assistance you need, however they are only human and cannot be able to help at every single moment of the day. If support has not replied yet it could be because they are handling other queries before yours in the queue or they are simply not available at the exact time you have contacted them. Please be patient and rest assured you will receive support within 48 hours of contacting us.

We highly suggest to be prepared for the scenario that you will have to wait to receive support and to buy your product the day before you plan to use it and not the exact moment or even day you want to use it. We can't be blamed if something happens when you purchase that product and weren't properly prepared for the possibiltiy of an issue occuring.

If your location accepts virtual cards you can usual just store the digital code you are provided with in a wallet app such as Stocard, Giftme, Pass2U and various others although those are the most common ones our customers have success with. You can also have the employee input the number manually, present them a PDF if you received one with your order or even write the number on the receipt. Make sure to only place your order once you have confirmed your product is accurate and contains the correct balance.

How you use a specific product entirely depends on you and your own knowledge, we cannot instruct you on this as every product differs and could require certain methods depending on the location/company/etc. It is your responsibiltiy to ensure you understand what you're buying and the possibility of failure.

In most cases you can find an option to check the balance of a product by either going to the companies official website, calling the company/store location or in a worst-case scenario having an employee in-store manually verify the balance for you. Our support agents can also try to verify your product balance if possible.

Whether a product will work online or not is something we cannot guarantee and make no promise of. Some products might have success online but the majority of the time they are intended to be used in-store.

Our warranty covers you for a total of 48 hours from the time of purchasing a product on our site, that means as long as you contact us within the 48 hours your order will be replaced/exchanged accordingly. Replacements/exchanges are only provided in the event of a product not containing the minimum promised balance or other reasonable issues (up to our discretion). We are not responsible if you were denied by the merchant for trying to use a valid card with the accurate balance on it.

If our PayPal/CashApp payment processors are not enabled at the time you are trying to purchase you can try to contact our support agents to pay for a product directly.

Products with this label are generally only meant for more experienced users, it means that specific product has a low success rate when being used digitally and will require writing to a physical card. If you do not know how to do this or are worried about the risk of failure we do not recommend buying it as there will be no compensation provided in the event of being denied by the merchant.