Terms of Service

  • All sales on the shop are final and absolutely no refunds are provided, only replacements/exchanges for insufficient balance or other reasonable issues (up to our discretion). Our only promise is to provide you with valid data.

  • Our support agents are not responsible for instructing you on how to use a specific product and can only offer general advice. Once you have purchased a product you are accepting the responsibility of doing your due diligence and researching if it is possible for you to use that product beforehand.

  • A product will only include what is stated on the specific product card label, for example if a product includes a "PIN" or a "PDF" it will say directly on the product card itself and on the product checkout page. If the product has no label on it you can assume that product will not include anything extra.

  • In order to receive product support you must contact us on Telegram, we do not provide any form of on-site support, we do not answer any emails sent to any of our accounts and we do not use any other messaging platform aside from Telegram. To find our contact information click the blue "Support" button in the top right corner of the page.

  • Replacements and exchanges are only provided for those who contact us within the 48 hour warranty period, once your query has been submitted within this time you will receive a response within at least 48 hours. Do not spam our support agents with multiple messages, we deal with many queries per day and will get to yours once it is next in the queue.

  • We reserve the right to refuse support to anyone that we feel has neglected our terms and/or has abused our service in any form, those who have done so could also be blocked from the service permanently by having their account access removed and their IP address blacklisted.