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General guide on how to use products on the shop:

For most brands we recommend in store use, some can work online but this is not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm you understand how to use the product and/or to confirm your location will accept the digital gift card.

To use in store, simply add the number we provide onto any wallet app such as Stocard, Giftme, Card Smash, Pass2U. You can also use the PDF we provide if there is one though it is usually not required.

If the product is not marked with a "PIN" or "PDF" label, this means it will not be included and isn't required for usage.

All sales are final and we do not provide refunds, only account credit or replacements. Compensation is only provided in the case of an empty balance and other rare situations (up to our discretion), not for merchant refusal of a card or the customers inability to understand how to use a card.

For any balance issues or other queries, click here or the blue "Support" button at the top right corner of the page to get in touch with us anytime.

We noticed you're logged out! Registered users can earn 10% of their purchase amount in rewards, added straight to your account balance and usable at any time. We highly suggest creating an account to take advantage of this offer.

If PayPal/CashApp processors are down you can contact our support to pay directly.

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